About Myself (old)





Hi, Thank You Very Much for dropping by. My Name is Napoleon, I am a web developer I build web apps with PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, angularjs. I build web applications using <strong>DJango</strong>, Flask, Laravel for Backend. I heavily rely on <strong>angularjs</strong> 1.2 , Angular, ReactJS for building frontend. I build restful web services using XMLHTTP, AJAX & JSON.

Current Employment

  1. putforshare.com, A website for people to share used / unused books with their friends.
  2. RolloutCD.com
    An Easy Way to Deploy your web application on the Cloud.

Previous Employers


Served Aol for close to a decade building Front-End web components like reusable widgets that are used in their Web Properties, and built backend RESTFul web services to be consumed by the frontend systems using XML and JSON as the data layer.

Yahoo !

Part of Yahoo! Publishing Platform Team. Built Several reusable web modules/widgets that can be used across Yahoo’s web publishing system. Built several internal tools for build system.