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Wannacry Ransomware Interesting Facts

internet is a big mess, Now its proved once again, Go on and read to know about wannacry Ransomware infecting my computer

Ignoring the files after they are commited to git

.gitignore is something that comes handy to deal with when you want to skip few files from being tracked in git. But there is a caveat to it when you have that files already being tracked in git. Let me explain how to go around this.

Hacking Tools that NSA uses is just 1 Million BitCoin (Approx. $568 million).

A Hacking Group named The Shadow Brokers has claimed to hack a group called Equation Group which is closely associated to NSA and posted its meta data and asking for 1 Million BitCoin to reveal the complete dump.

MarkDown is the Easy MarkUP

If you are a technical writer writing lots of text for online documentation, or you are hardcore blogger creating lots of online content on a daily basis. Read this, It would be certainly of great benefit.

How to Configure SSH login for Bitbucket Authentication

Whenever I do a git push or git pull with bitbucket.org It asks for password which annoys me very badly. Hence I setup SSH based authentication. Here i have captured those steps that you can use.

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