FREE TRIAL for all Gigs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Share the code “NEPSDOTINFTRIAL” to get Free Trials. 1 Week FREE TRIAL will be provided for assignments one month and above. 2 days Free Trials will be provided for an engagement of between 1 week and 3 weeks.

WordPress Gigs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Built WordPress Plugin for for admin related features using WordPress hooks and WordPress filters. Built WordPress theme using WordPress Theme development. Have solid understanding of WordPress APIs, hooks and filters. Built Child Theme for WordPress. Analyse and Fix any issues related to PHP, Server, CSS, JavaScript in WordPress.

FullStack / Generalist Gigs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Built Full Stack web applications using RESTFull API / Web Services on the backend using Flask, Django (Python 3), Django Rest Framework, Using Laravel, CodeIgniter, YiiFramework, Kohana Framework. Use Angular, ReactJs at the frontend for consuming web services built at the backend services. Using Swagger for API Schema design. Used MySQL db for storing and… Continue reading FullStack / Generalist Gigs

Frontend Gigs

Reading Time: < 1 minute Built Single Page Web applications using AngularJS 1.2. Built Angular 8 based Single Page Applications (SPA). Built Responsive Web Design with and without using Bootstrap following the less is more design principle. For me, writing HTML5 means writing semantic HTML5 markups. Cross-Browser Compatible! (Firefox,IE9+, Chrome, Safari, Opera) using HTML5 & CSS3 Build Responsive Design… Continue reading Frontend Gigs

DevOps Gigs

Reading Time: < 1 minute I manage VPS on Cloud services like Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean. I have setup webserver Apache on DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, AWS with VirtualHost for several clients on Ubuntu 14.04 and above I have setup Firewalls using UFW, IPTables on Linux VPS I have setup AWS S3 To serve static content like images, CSS files,… Continue reading DevOps Gigs