About Myself

Heya, I’m Napoleon Arouldas S.
I’m a Software Engineer by passion & profession from India.
I strongly believe that technology can change our lives to an unimaginable level.
This is something that you should have realised because you are with your mobile sitting in some corner of the world and reading a blog of someone living on another side of the world.
I am on a mission to serve my fellow human being to the best of my capabilities.
So I made
  • https://PutForShare.com
  • https://rolloutcd.com
  • https://neps.in


Platform to make the archive of wisdom sustain in the world. A platform to share your used books and earn money from them.


Developer tool to make new releases with a single click and have peace of mind.


I write about life hacks, tech hacks and share my cool tech-recipes ideas, programming techniques, notes which fascinates me.
I hope you find at least one of them useful.
Name: you say it short.
Make Others give a long applaud.