Religions are

Religions all over the world are waiting for the corona virus thing to end so that they can start performing miracles and healing the sick again.

Web App Development

Have created web application using various PHP Frameworks, Python Frameworks and frontend frameworks like Angular.

Web App Development:

  1. Have built web apps using Yii framework 1.1
  2. Have created web apps using Yii framework 2.0
  3. Created Web applications using Codeigniter framework
  4. Built web apps using Flask Python
  5. Created Single Page web application using Angularjs

WordPress Plugin Development

Wordpress plugin developer built wordpress custom heavy lifting code like third party api services, custom table CRUD Operations. hacked around wordpress actions, wordpress filters to get my requirements accomplished.

WordPress Plugin Development

I wear several hats as an entrepreneur one such hat is WordPress Plugin Developer.

I build websites keeping in mind of the understanding of how the internet working principles.

I have built Website using WordPress & Woocommerce.

Have built Custom Plugin for that can:

Always happy to help you to develop wordpress plugin.