DevOps Gigs

Reading Time: < 1 minutes
  • I manage VPS on Cloud services like Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean.
  • I have setup webserver Apache on DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, AWS with VirtualHost for several clients on Ubuntu 14.04 and above
  • I have setup Firewalls using UFW, IPTables on Linux VPS
  • I have setup AWS S3 To serve static content like images, CSS files, JavaScript.
  • I have connected CloudFront Service with AWS S3 to serve static content.
  • Have automated deployment of new static content and cache invalidation at cloudfront using aws-cli tools and BASH Scripting.
  • Have used DigitalOcean Volumes / Spaces for storing large volumes of data like logs.
  • Analysed problems and debug application related issues, Server related issues on linux VPS.
  • Automate redundant task using BASH Shell Scripting.
  • Manage Infrastructure as code using TerraForm.
  • Install relevant packages to setup LAMP Stack on Cloud VPS Servers.
  • Manage Cloud based networking infrastructure like managing DNS records, floating ip (static ip) for cloud services.
  • have done Setup SSH Key based authentication for cloud services.
  • have done Git based deployment using hooked scripts on git.
  • have done setup for periodical automated backup using Shell Scripting & Cronjobs.