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Tue 02 Feb 2016

Superfast Quilling Tool

Paper Quilling

Many of you have known Paper quilling very well. Rolling small strips of color paper to make arts, simple ornaments like ear rings, They look very colorfull and artistic. My wife has great passion for these quilling work. She use to spend hours together on this to make artistic works. I just started seeing little close, She has to mostly wind the quilling paper over and over on a thin needle to make artworks out of it. This is very time consuming and when i was casually asking with other people who does quilling, Yea, they say yea it takes lot of time to wind the quilling paper on the needle. I thought, this should be easy, because motors are everywhere around every corners. It should be simple enough to use motor for this to work.

Simple Prototype

Paper Prototype of quilling tool

I designed a simple quilling tool, as given in the picture. It has a DC motor to spin the quilling paper. Also it should have a power source to run the DC motor, I took a standard 2 battery holder that can hold 2 1.5V batteries. Added one LED bulb as a indicator, and push button switch to switch ON/OFF the motor. Also you can see the quilling needle tip split into two, you can insert the quilling paper inside and start rolling.

Working Prototype

Worked on it for few hours, I got to make it as designed on paper, It was wonderful to see it working to acomplish my needs.


A Gripper is needed to hold the quilling paper, I made a gripper from small steel pin. Gripper

Motor LED Switch Power Source Setup

Motor LED Switch Power Source Setup

Completed Quilling Tool

Super fast quilling tool


This quilling tool is so big timesaver for my wife when doing quilling, She asked me to do one more to gift it to her friend. Now she has built this beautiful Quilling Art and its still hanging on our home.

Appreciate your feedback on this tool.

Quilling Design