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Sat 28 Jul 2018

Rollout presentation at Drupal Bengaluru Meetup

It was amazing to share and present about Rollout app and Downtime Alerting that we have built among the drupal community. Received a very positive response about both the apps. Here is a short summary of the meetup.

The meetup was organised my Mr. Taher Jodhpurwala. There were four sessions by various speakers in the following order.

Drupal Workflow by Malabaya. He gave a good talk on drupal workflow that needs to be followed like setting up the development environment, Using version control system. Dependency management using composer.

The second talk was on how contributing to Drupal improves your career by Parvateesam. It was more of his personal experience of how contributing on the non technical aspects in drupal community like volunteering for events, meetups, helping the drupal confrence organising teams in the operations and other activities. Also he came to know about lot of people in networking and which eventually helped him in landing a good career.

The third talk was mine, presenting about rollout. I have given talks in the past at various conferences, but still there was little bit of anxity about the presentation. Very curious about how Rollout be received. It was a great show about rollout. There was very good feedback about rollout. There were few signups. Also I offered a good deal of discounts for the drupal community as goodies.