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About Myself

Hi Thank You Very Much for dropping by, My Name is Napoleon, I am a web developer I write code on PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, angularjs. I build web applications using Laravel & angularjs. I build restful webservices using XmlHttp & JSON

Currently I have built

  1. putforshare.com, A website for people to share used / unused books with their friends.

  2. roll-out An Easy Way to Deploy your web application.

I have no more employment with Aol. (American Online) or Yahoo! Yea, But I have worked there for about 7 Years altogether building Front-End Web Components like widgets that are used in their Web Properties.

What am i doing at neps.in

Here I will be writing my learning that i have gained over a period of time. Just may be like a personal archival under the assumption that it might be useful for someone else also.

Don't Expect this space to be very well organised and awesome, However I would try to keep it atleast to have some utility value.

If you find neps.in to be useful. Drop your comments in the comments section of the article and share it with your friends.

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You can reach me at meetneps@gmail.com, @indianwebdevil

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