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Sun 26 Aug 2018

I am going to reinstall my Mac / linux What should I do before that.

This is something that I use as checklist to backup. May be useful for others hence sharing this.

In this writeup I would list out all stuffs / checklist that you need to backup for Mac OsX or Linux.

The following backup should be applied to per user basis, if there are more users, you may optionally backup the folders for all users.

1. Your ssh keys in your home folder or `.ssh` folder.
2. You may need to know all the list of programs or packages that you installed via command line. you can do that by 
`brew list` and save it on a file.
3. Your `.bash_profile` and your `.bashrc` files.


Files or Folders to backup before you reinstall

dotfiles / config files / settings files


History files just in case you need to recall

config folders


Your personal folders

~/Downloads # Carefully selected downloaded files.
~/          # Any other folders that you wanted to backup.

Application List

Its better to know just the list of applications that you have installed on mac. Later in case you want you can download and install the application.

# if you are using brew, you can get list of application installed
brew list > ~/backup/brewlist.txt

# For python developers you can use
pip list > ~/backup/piplist.txt 

ls /Application > ~/backup/applist.txt

Browser Bookmarks/Favourites

You can backup browser bookmarks by exporting the bookmarks as html file

1. Google chrome - Bookmarks > Export Bookmarks
2. Mozilla firefox - Bookmarks > Export Bookmarks to html 
3. Safari 

Please drop in your comments what you will backup before you do the re installation.