Employee Work Together and Stay Together. Stop spreading COVID19 to your families

COVID19 Pandemic spread is now something that everybody talks about, Also enforcing lockdown for a long period will neither help the individuals nor the government. We have to find some ways to Prevent COVID19 spread and as well as run our operations on a daily basis. This will help the economy of the individuals. If individuals prosper, the state prosper, if the state prosper, the whole country and subsequently the whole world will prosper.


There are Workforce that can’t work from home, they should come to work regularly. For example Govt. employees, Banking Officials, Corporation Office employees, and other important private sectors. Yea I do agree that all corporates take all measures like using IR Thermometers, Sanitiser at the doorstep entries etc. But COVID Virus being Asymptomatic, its hard to detect and by the time it is detected.

Can’t stay back at home:

From the employee standpoint and from the employer standpoint, its totally unavoidable to stay at home this might not be a great idea as well. Now, lets say the some of the employee has few elderly people at his home, who are potential risk. Now they hesitate to come to work considering being contracted and they could eventually spread to their loved ones.

Is workplace that risk of being contracted ?

When considering the following situations, the workplace seem serious threat.

  • Being a field workers, covid19 frontline warriors you can easily get infected by the virus.
  • There are 20 – 50 people are coming from 50 different locations.
  • Every minute the Virus spreads in every possible directions. As a consequence everyday new places are getting impacted. Many new cases are coming up everyday.
  • Also since COVID 19 is air borne, meaning it travels by air. As you commute to the office on a day today basis. Its quite possible that anybody can get contracted as they commute.
  • More chances are if you are utilising a public vehicle like cab or taxi, there are much more chances.
  • Field workers who go out daily like municipal workers, govt. servants, health officials have high risk of getting contracted.

Does Work From Home works for everyone?

For most of the information technology and related organisations, yes work from home makes sense. But there are lots of sector for which Work From Home does not work as we expect.

Following Sectors can’t operate in Remote mode ( Work From Home )

  • Health workers
  • Field officers who are constantly on the field visits.
  • Govt. Servants who work in Post Office, Banks.
  • Logistics: You need lots of people to execute movements of objects from Point A to Point B. You need people to be in warehouse to receive the incoming materials, sort it and move it accordingly.
  • Infrastructure: We need a huge workforce to construct a building that starts from an engineer to the mason and helpers and so on.

What is the solution ?

Serving your profession at this odd time can’t be ignored. At the same time balancing both Profession & Safety for the family is important. You can’t compromise one for other, rather you have to balance both together.

Current Mode of Operation:

Consider our illustration. Let us assume an organisation has four persons working as P1, P2, P3, P4. and P1 has two kids K1, and K2. and Elderly person E1, and E2. Likewise other employes P2, P3, P4 has their own families, Please follow the fig-1.

Everyday starts like this, everyone will come to office or goes to field work. If one person say P2 is contracted on his way to office. He has great chance to spread it to others, despite all the safety precautions.

Now all the Person in the office P1, P3, P4 will get contracted easily, the worst part is these people will take it to their home and spread it to others. This is the biggest trouble, these persons / employees spread it to the home where elderly people live with them.

Isolate all employees in a Stay Together Home,Move all employees

Yea, Move all your employees, workers in an organisation to one totally isolated apartment or location, to stay. They should be working at office and they should stay there only, in COVID19 Corporate Home. Everyone should be allotted Individual Bedroom with washroom / toilet attached. There may be separate apartments for male and female to avoid new office romances sprouting up.

This can be their schedule: lets say if the employees are working for a week, starting on 10th August 2020 to 15th August 2020, They should be put in “Work Together, Stay Together” from 10th August 2020 – 15th august 2020 + 14 days. So its Number of days you are working plus 14 days.

Wow, Benefits are So many: Employees may get sick, but none of their family can get sick.

  • No family members will be infected.
  • All elderly people will be saved.
  • It might incur additional cost to the organisation, when comparing the tradeoff with the productivity and efficient operation of the organisation, this would be close to negligible.
  • With this Safe procedure in place, All family members of the employees can be saved without.
  • Lots of death can be prevented.
  • Every individual can go to work happily without the fear of risking the lives of their family.
  • Employees in the middle age group can get sick and recover without impacting the lives of their loved ones.
  • Employees also will easily co-operate for this Safe Procedure.
  • This can be given to the employees as an option, if the employee have any elderly persons, they can opt in for this “Work Together, Stay Together”
  • This “Work Together, Stay Together” will be applicable for organisation of any size, and any sectors For eg: Large corporations can take multiple isolated huge apartments or flats, or they can make temporary fabrication of a large marriage halls.

Thank You

If at least 10 families are saved adopting this procedure, I would be happy and grateful to you. Share this with your friends, families and so on till. Share this with your employers or at least with your ex-colleagues.

If you would like to add any other suggestions or strategies, please do mention on this. Or if you find any flaws in this, please do raise it on the comments below.

Lets make India COVID19 free India.