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I am going to reinstall my Mac / linux What should I do before that.

Many a times after reinstalling your desktop operating system we feel that OMG moments man I missed to take backup of this and that. If you are one of the user please read this before you do the reinstall. Its not like a one new life story, you always need to have something or sometimes many things once you have reinstalled. You need to backup a lot of things.

Setup disqus commenting plugin for readthedocs theme with mkdocs.

Disqus is quite cool comment plugin that can be used for any website. Setting up for MkDocs documentation generator is something that is not out of the box from MkDocs. Especially if you are using ReadTheDoc. Here I try to give a quick steps to get it done.

MarkDown is the Easy MarkUP

If you are a technical writer writing lots of text for online documentation, or you are hardcore blogger creating lots of online content on a daily basis. Read this, It would be certainly of great benefit.

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